Spirit Destinations

Author: Phillip Knight

ISBN: 9781613467091
Pages: 255
Description: A mix of snow and rain pelted my windshield. Traffic was moving much too fast. A couple of cars ahead, something was starting to happen. A car was starting to slide. I reached for the brake pedal with my foot. The car behind me hit the left rear quarter of my car, and I started to slide. The next instant I slammed into the dividing wall between traffic lanes. That is all I remember until the very moment that I woke up.

When Sir Oliver Holmscraft recuperates in a hospital bed after a devastating car accident, he begins to hear strange voices as he drifts in and out of consciousness. Unsure whether the voices are real or merely drug-induced hallucinations, he decides to give in, pay attention to the voices, and see what they can reveal. What Oliver doesn’t know is that these voices will lead him on a journey beyond his wildest dreams, a journey into a realm unlike any described in any of the world’s religions. His life will never be the same.

In Spirit Destinations, Oliver gets a guided tour of a vast spiritual realm from a well-traveled spirit named Henry. Henry shows Oliver a world of possibilities that he may realize during and after his life on earth. But the journey is not without danger. Not all the spirits in this realm are benevolent. Oliver is pulled into a battle with demonic spirits for the souls of the living. Can he, Henry, and their spiritual allies conquer these demons and reach their Spirit Destinations?
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Sobre o Autor

Sou um programador apaixonado pelos benefícios da tecnologia e pelas possibilidades que ela nos traz. Também me considero um eterno aspirante a músico e um dia chegarei lá, aliás, alguém já disse que o que importa mesmo é o caminho... Acredito na liberdade e, principalmente, no livre acesso à informação. O acesso à informação em si já é uma ferramenta poderosa, porém, o seu bom uso é o que nos torna melhores. Acredito e sonho com um mundo mais simples e com menos frescura. Um mundo onde todos sejam o que são e não se percam no que tem. Pela igualdade de condições, sou "Eu ++". "Before you cross the street Take my hand Life is what happens to you While you're busy making other plans" (John Lennon)

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