Highland Storm (The Donahue McGregor Saga, #2)

Author: Lilian Jade

Description: ~Lilith

My name is Lilith McGregor. If you haven’t heard already, my life has just been turned upside down with the death of my grandfather. I was left a wreck. Not knowing how to control, let alone how to deal with the genetic makeup changing the very person I am. Even now I’m learning that there is more to me than mere mortal eyes can see; my libido is off the radar, pining after not just one but three alpha males. Being dragged from one end of Scotland to the other in hopes of keeping me safe from not only my own kind, but hunters of different factions. Which alpha will protect me at all cost?


“My promise not yet kept, a fort to hold down, a family built on unity… hers to protect”. All Angus McClain ever wanted in life was to have a woman to love and a family he could call his own. Between Devlin Donahue McGregor and destiny, Angus has had his head on the chopping block from day one. Angus has now come to the conclusion that arriving at Fort Charlotte was a mistake. It seemed he was to be fated with a fae…the very creatures he despised with vengeance. What was he to do? Lose her to Ezekiel who was one of her own kind or to Amedeaus, who stalked him like he was prey? They would soon learn he would rip apart anyone who dared try an take her from him…..
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Sobre o Autor

Sou um programador apaixonado pelos benefícios da tecnologia e pelas possibilidades que ela nos traz. Também me considero um eterno aspirante a músico e um dia chegarei lá, aliás, alguém já disse que o que importa mesmo é o caminho... Acredito na liberdade e, principalmente, no livre acesso à informação. O acesso à informação em si já é uma ferramenta poderosa, porém, o seu bom uso é o que nos torna melhores. Acredito e sonho com um mundo mais simples e com menos frescura. Um mundo onde todos sejam o que são e não se percam no que tem. Pela igualdade de condições, sou "Eu ++". "Before you cross the street Take my hand Life is what happens to you While you're busy making other plans" (John Lennon)

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