Title: The Fancy

Author: Mercedes Keyes

Pages: 260
Description: The slave trader, “fancy” dealer was saving the best for last, for a special auction. However, at hearing how close he’d come to losing his mother – his priorities, his plan shifted. Dr. Quinton Thaddeus Caine had saved his mother’s life – for this deed, the young surgeon deserved the best that he could give in compensation. A gift – the best – a Fancy. To his reasoning, what better gift could one man offer another? Especially considering that the new doctor had arrived and settled in their small town off the Port end of Connecticut – with practically nothing. He would need help, in more ways than one – thus – the placing of Suga – his most valuable possession – her skills far exceeded many of those whom were purchased simply to fill ones bed. According to her master, she’d been taught to serve in many more ways… than that one – as her new owner, Quinton Caine would come to find out.
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Sobre o Autor

Sou um programador apaixonado pelos benefícios da tecnologia e pelas possibilidades que ela nos traz. Também me considero um eterno aspirante a músico e um dia chegarei lá, aliás, alguém já disse que o que importa mesmo é o caminho... Acredito na liberdade e, principalmente, no livre acesso à informação. O acesso à informação em si já é uma ferramenta poderosa, porém, o seu bom uso é o que nos torna melhores. Acredito e sonho com um mundo mais simples e com menos frescura. Um mundo onde todos sejam o que são e não se percam no que tem. Pela igualdade de condições, sou "Eu ++". "Before you cross the street Take my hand Life is what happens to you While you're busy making other plans" (John Lennon)

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